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Our new adhesive series is simply uncompromising. All three adhesives are almost independent of humidity, oil-resistant, water-resistant, low-steam and fast. The light, water-like texture of the glue remains stable for a long time, enveloping the extensions perfectly without tearing off, creating a perfect adhesive bond.

While UN & DEUX is ideal for the volume technique, TROIS is more recommended for the classic 1:1 technique due to its slightly thicker consistency. However, the experienced stylist can easily work with any technique using any adhesive. *

  • ISO
  • MSDS


Before using the glue, shake the glue bottle for 30 seconds. Then clean the nozzle thoroughly and close the glue bottle carefully.


Store the unopened glue in the refrigerator. Take it out of the fridge at least 3 hours before opening. After opening, it is best to store the adhesive upright in a ziplock bag with silica at 18°C ​​to 23°C


Unopened: 5 months

Open summer 2-4 weeks, winter 4-8 weeks

*The stated properties of the adhesive can be negatively affected by poor performance.

TROIS Sale price€35,99