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Excellent eyelashes are the basic requirement for perfect lash extensions. Our Mink Lashes meet all the necessary requirements.

The fiber from which our silk eyelashes are made is made for professionals with the highest quality standards. It is deep black and the eyelashes reliably retain their curl.

Regular quality controls guarantee consistent quality. The tape is designed in such a way that it is suitable for both hand techniques and all techniques on the tape. It has good medium adhesion and leaves no residue on the eyelashes.

Exactly what the professional stylist wants.

Our eyelashes are:

  • vegan
  • Made 100% from plastic
  • not tested on animals
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Latex free
  • not chemically, but physically (heat) bent
  • made by hand


When do I use which curl?

Which curl should be used depends primarily on the customer's natural eyelashes. Depending on the choice of curl, very different make-up results can be achieved. We should always try to achieve the optimum for the customer.

Basic rule: When glued on, the tip of an extension should always point upwards and never backwards!

The B-Curl is a very light and natural curl. For natural eyelashes that naturally grow upwards, it is exactly the right choice. All other curls would point backwards and, in the worst case, even touch the skin and create an unpleasant feeling for the customer.

The C-Curl is a strong, natural curl. It is ideal for natural eyelashes that only grow slightly upwards or are just growing. In addition to the new M-Curl, this curl is perfect for the currently very popular eye.liner effect.

The CC curl is a very powerful curl that is used on straight-growing and slightly downward-growing natural eyelashes. It is the most frequently used curl in everyday studio life and suits almost every customer.

The D-Curl is a very strong curl that is used for natural eyelashes that grow slightly to heavily downwards. It creates a very strong and artificial expression which is desired, for example, in the dolly style. In combination with the CC curl, it can accentuate and create highlights.

The M-Curl is still brand new on the market and represents a further development of the L-Curl. Unlike the L-Curl, the M-Curl is very easy to wear and does not cause any problems when it grows out. In addition, this curl can be worn for almost all eye shapes and natural eyelashes. It opens the eye optimally and creates an elegant and glamorous look.


By combining different curls, wonderful effects can be achieved and looks can be individually adapted to the customer. In our volume training you will learn how to work with different curls in the different rows of eyelashes, how curls are distributed in the individual segments of the eyelid line and how to combine them with each other with a soft and clean transition.

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