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Mink Lashes 003

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Excellent eyelashes are the basic requirement for perfect laser extensions. Our mink lashes meet all the necessary requirements.

The fiber from which our Mink eyelashes are made is made for professionals with the highest quality standards. It is deep black and the eyelashes reliably retain their curl.

Regular quality controls guarantee consistent quality. The adhesive tape is made in such a way that it is suitable for both manual and all techniques on the tape. It has a good medium adhesive strength and leaves no residue on the eyelashes.

Exactly what the professional stylist wants.

Our eyelashes are:

  • vegan
  • 100% made of plastic
  • not tested on animals
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Latex free
  • not bent chemically, but physically (heat)
  • handmade



What strength do I have to use?

For the classic 1: 1 extension, the strengths 015, 012 and 010 are ideal. The thinner the eyelashes used, the more natural and softer the result. For the so-called nude look, i.e. extremely natural-looking laser extensions, even 007 eyelashes can be used together with the classic 1: 1 method. All eyelashes that are thicker than 015 are usually too heavy for the natural eyelashes and can lead to permanent damage.

SAVING TIP For a strong "fly leg look" 2 010 lashes can be glued onto a natural eyelash at the same time. The eyelashes are not fanned out but simply gripped, peeled and glued. With this method you can also save so-called flat lashes.

For 2D / 3D technology, you should use a maximum of 010 eyelashes. As of 4D, it should not be stronger than 007. Due to our special and very light fiber, up to 7D compartments can be set with our 007 eyelashes for strong natural eyelashes. For all above I recommend the use of 005 and from 12 D on 003. 

EXPERT TIP Not only the size of the fan is responsible for an extremely dense result. With a few tricks in the alignment and the right work with the eyelash rows, an extreme mega-volume look can be created with 4D / 5D. You can find all information in our volume training courses.

Mink Lashes 003
Mink Lashes 003 Sale price$24.00