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This product solves all your glue problems! 

  • FORCE speeds up the glue, which reduces working hours and therefore means more profit.
  • Volume compartments remain open and do not collapse again.
  • FORCE accelerates curing
  • FORCE significantly improves durability
  • FORCE minimizes reactions


Method 1:

  • spread a small amount of FORCE with a micro-brush on the roots of the extensions. Take up an extension or a fan, dip in the glue and apply quickly to the natural eyelash. Attention! This method requires quick work, otherwise liability problems can arise.

Method 2:

  • Wet the roots of the natural eyelashes with a small amount of FORCE after thorough cleaning. Apply the extensions as usual. The adhesive only accelerates when it comes into contact with the natural eyelash, so this method is also perfectly suitable for slower stylists.

Method 3:

  • At the end of the appointment, use microbrushes to wet the glue points on the extensions. This is particularly recommended for customers who react to the adhesive. Force ensures that the adhesive hardens completely within a few minutes and no longer releases any vapors. For very sensitive customers, we recommend this method not only at the end of the treatment, but also several times during the appointment.


FORCE - SUPERBONDER Sale price€29,00