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The ideal brow styling product for use in the studio, for example after a brow henna or as a sales product.

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Materials required: Water or setting spray, mascara brush, brow brush & brow soap

  1. Moisten the mascara brush with a few squirts of setting spray or hold it briefly under a tap and shake off the excess water.
  2. Now rub the moistened mascara brush over the brow soap until a gel-like substance collects on the brush.
  3. Now style the brow as desired
  4. Use a cotton swab to remove any product residue from the baby hair above and below the eyebrows.

Pro tip: remove the baby hair above the eyebrow. The entire look appears cleaner and more even

Contents:7g Browsoap, Browsoap for applying the soap, mascara brush for styling


I have white residue in my brow, what am I doing wrong?

Since our Brow Soap is transparent, white residue can only be due to the wrong amount of product or the wrong consistency.

If the soap is too wet, you can easily absorb too much product. Too much product = white residue

The brush should not be too wet. When it comes to product quantity, less is often more. So always start with less product and slowly build up the amount as needed.

Tip: Run the brush over the soap several times until a thin layer forms on the brush. If lumps, chunks or a viscous mass form, you either have the wrong consistency or too much product.

Even with soap, my brows don't stay on properly

With the right application you can get a great hold in absolutely every brow!

  • If your brows don't hold at all, you're probably not using enough product. Style your brow in the desired shape and slowly build up the amount of product. If the hold isn't enough after the first application, simply apply the product again. Wait a few seconds after each pass because the brow soap only develops its full hold when it has completely dried.
  • You can coat very stubborn brows on both sides. To do this, comb your brows with the soap first downwards and then upwards. The coating on both sides gives you extra strong hold.
  • Consistency is important here too. Soap that is too dry cannot be worked into the brow hairs properly. Soap that is too wet must be combed in until you notice that the product is slowly drying and that it is shaping and laying the hair. It is better to work a little moister, but always be careful with the amount of product.
  • style the brow with light pressure. Imagine you want to stick the hair to your scalp. But beware! Don't overdo it to avoid red streaks. If you want to achieve a more artificial look with Broe Lamination, press the hair lightly with a finger. If the look is too stark for you, you can simply brush over it with the mascara brush and loosen it up again.

My brows feel kind of sticky and stiff after styling

  • Dry/hard feeling - You have either used too much product which hardens after drying or you have used product that is too dry. Simply spray some setting spray onto the brush again and restyle the brow
  • sticky feeling - your brow soap is too wet and cannot dry properly. Just wait a little longer. Next time, work with less product and build up the amount layer by layer.
BROW SOAP Sale price€10,00