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BROWHENNA® EYEBROW HENNA is an innovative coloring product made from ground henna leaves, a mixture of herbs and organic compounds for permanent coloring with a tattoo effect. The extensive range of different shades of color can be used neat or mixed. Natural ingredients of BROWHENNA® care for damaged and weak hair, strengthen it more and more with every intervention and give the eyebrows their natural shape. The look becomes more expressive and attractive.


the first brand on the market specifically designed for henna-based eyebrows;

the eyebrow product that colors not only the hair but also the skin;
Eyebrow dye, available in 12 shades;
the product selected by over 20,000 customers in 43 countries;


Carefully remove the makeup. Do not use oil-based agents.
Prepare the eyebrows for coloring. Shampoo gently and deeply cleanses the hair of the eyebrows and the surface of the skin, has a slightly peeling effect, gently removes dead skin particles and contributes to a better fixation of the color.
Rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
Mix the color composition (the amount of the color composition corresponds to 2 grains of rice) in a non-metallic container with 4-8 drops of MINERAL SOLUTION. The mineral solution contains no impurities, additives or metals. It guarantees that the desired shade is achieved and extends the coloring.
Mix the resulting composition thoroughly. If necessary, add solution or color composition to the mixture to obtain the desired consistency of the soy sauce.
Use a brush to apply a thin layer of the mixture (try to avoid stains or gaps) on skin and hair. Pay particular attention to the symmetry and definition of the lines.
Apply the BROWHENNA color composition in several layers for a clear and even result.
Wait for the layer to dry before applying the next layer.
Apply the color composition carefully and lift the hair from thick eyebrows with a brush. Spread the color evenly.
After the last layer has completely dried, moisten the composition and remove it from the eyebrows with a dampened cotton pad. In order to achieve a more intense result of the coloring, the application time of the composition on the eyebrows can be 25 minutes from the time of application of the first layer.

Blonde colors
# 01 "Pearl Blonde"

This shade is suitable for blondes with very light skin. It gives a gentle color effect that is almost invisible on the skin. To make the tone stronger, mix the color "Pearl Blonde" with "Light Chestnut". To avoid unwanted warm tints with yellow tones, add a small amount of "graphite concentrate".

# 02 "light blonde"

The shade "light blond" is suitable for light blondes and girls with olive skin color. In its pure form, the shadow can cause a slight cloudiness or appear transparent on the skin.

# 03 Light chestnut

The shade "light chestnut" is suitable for blondes with honey and gold tones as well as for brown-haired women with a light red shade.

# 04 "Golden Blonde"

"Golden Blonde" is a soft, gentle shade that suits both girls with warm, light hair color and natural blondes. In its pure form, it falls easily on the skin and emphasizes the wheat color of the hair.

# 05 "Dark Blonde"

"Dark blonde" is one of the most popular shades in the palette. Suitable for ashy blondes, dark blonde girls, as well as for owners of Slavic and European manifestations.

Brunette colors
# 01 "neutral brown"

"Neutral brown" is suitable for coloring the eyebrows of light brown girls. A warm shade of brown shows up well on fair hair, making it suitable for wheat blondes and redheads.

# 02 "Cold Coffee".

"Cold Coffee" is suitable for brown-haired women with a cold hair tone. It looks perfect on girls with dark hair and brown eyes. Care should be taken for blondes.

# 03 "Rich Taupe".

"Rich Taupe" is suitable for brunettes and dark brown women. This is the darkest shade in the BROWHENNA® range and can be used to darken any other shade.

# 04 "dark chocolate"

"Dark Chocolate" is suitable for girls with brown hair and brown eyes. In its pure form, it gives the eyebrows a rich, cool shade of brown.

# 05 "Frosty Chestnut"

"Frosty Chestnut" is suitable for girls with dark hair with a chestnut-copper sheen. That is a warm shadow. To adjust the color saturation, change the consistency of the composition and the number of layers applied.

# 210 "Amber concentrate".

Amber concentrate warms up the color tones and is used to lighten the color. Concentrate cannot be used separately from simple henna tones!

# 110 "Graphite concentrate".

The concentrate is used to darken henna tones or to achieve a cooler shade. The concentrate cannot be used individually.


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