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Applicators are simply indispensable in the eyelash studio. You need them for so many small jobs:

  • Clean the natural eyelashes 
  • Apply before cleanser, superbonder, etc.
  • Applying lifting lotions
  • Removing lifting lotions
  • and much more

The special head of the applicators is soft but, unlike a normal Q-Tip, completely lint-free, which makes it ideal for all work on the eye. 

Which color fits best in your studio? White, black or pink?


 Correct cleaning of the natural eyelashes before gluing

In order to optimally prepare the natural eyelashes before a new set, we recommend thorough cleaning with a cleaner, e.g. Pureté Teatree or Pureté Ros.

The natural eyelashes should be made up and roughly cleaned, e.g. with our Eyelash shampoo.

Now moisten an applicator with one or two drops of PURETÈ. Wet a second applicator by squeezing the heads of the first and second applicators together. Both applicators should now be damp but not wet. The best way to check this is on the back of your hand by swiping it briefly with both applicators. There should be no wet streak. If this is the case, dab the applicators briefly on a facial tissue.

Now you place an applicator under the eyelashes and one above and pull the two applicators from the base to the tips of the eyelashes. Repeat this step until all eyelashes have been pulled through at least once between the two applicators and all residual dirt has been removed. You may have to reload the applicators with PUTETÉ in between. 

Finally, carefully clean the edge of the lid with an applicator.

Now the natural eyelashes are optimally prepared.

In addition, can FORCE Superbonders are used to improve adhesion and accelerate the adhesive.

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